Emerald Rain

Session 1.02

The Lost Perl

The investigation continued into the late afternoon. Sarah, in disguise and equipped with fake records that NeonPerl had helped create, went to her interview at the Emerald Co. as on Ms. Amber Shonda. She was interviewed by a mid-level manager in the advertising department named Janus Kantor. It seemed to go well but Mrs. Kantor still wanted to interview other applicants so “Amber” would have to wait to be contacted later to find out if she gets the job.

Meanwhile, Neal and Lisa further examine the contents of the binder found in Volan’s safe. Neal makes note that the lease of an entire building floor downtown is held by Redwood Holding. Lisa looks into the science articles and their authors. While failing to find any connection of note, one interesting detail that emerged was that since the publication of the papers they found, there was no more articles published by any of the authors since.

It was about 7pm when the team regrouped at Sarah’s home. Notably absent was NeonPerl, who had gone off on her own, hoping to find a contact to help sell the diamonds should they manage to get back in and steal them later. It was then that everyone got a strange notification on their devices. “BlackTiger99 invites you to play Skull Wars! See Attached message.” While Skull Wars is a popular online game, no one in the group was likely to get such an invite to play. When the attached message was opened it read…

This in NeonPerl. The Wo Shing Wo nabbed me. This is the account of the stupidest dreghead that’s in the group that has me. Check his GPS. Get me the fuck out of here.

With the invite, it was easy enough to ping the location of the account’s user. It was in Market Row, the sprawling black market that exists under the Alaskan Way Viaduct. The team immediately suits up and gets ready for action before they pay the market a visit. A casual walk by of the location revealed a kiosk manned by a couple of shady looking Chinese gentlemen, one engaged in playing an online game, selling stollen medical supplies. A tent in back of the booth, connects it to the building behind it, right where there is a stairway leading to the building’s basement.

An initial plan was formed to distract the guys out front with a casually tossed flash bang grenade to enable the team to slash through the tent and sneak into the basement entrance. While the grenade was skillfully and stealthily thrown by Tekato, doing it’s job of distracting well, the plan was foiled by a lone guard at the door to the basement. He was promptly taken down by Tekato and his Ninja-To, but the men at the front were alerted and had to be disposed of as well. Sarah and Lisa engaged and the men met their fate by way of deadly explosive rounds from Sarah’s gun. Lisa missed with her tangler, shooting it’s web out into the marketplace already engulfed in panic and chaos. The team proceeded into the basement of the building, leaving the mob to loot the place. Neal grabbed the communicator of the guard by the door and tuned and at least temporarily convinced the leader that the noise was caused by fireworks. He then tuned the team’s communicators to receive signals on that frequency.

Inside they found a large room with tables full of white powder drugs being sorted and bagged by a dozen Chinese girls who where totally naked (to keep them from stealing the drugs, of course.) Tekato waved his bloody sword and commanded them to leave, sending them running and screaming into the market, adding even more to the chaos to say the least.

There, the team stood their ground as they fought off the rest of guards of the criminal operation and overpowered them with with their superior equipment and skill. This was apparently a small time operation for the dreaded Wo Shing Wo, but as the bloody fight raged on, it was heard over the communicators that enforcements where being called for by someone named Yan. Time was short.

One guard left alive with a crippled leg was intimidated into leading them to the locating of NeonPerl. It was Yamaha who found her precious cyberdeck. It was in an armory/vault protected with an electronic lock which he penetrated with his laser rifle. They found Perl tied up in a back room, a bit distressed but unharmed and happy to see her cyberdeck was retrieved. The operation’s leader, Yan, had escaped through a secret trap door that led up an elevator shaft. This was the same exit the team made use of to escape the scene.


Fucking badass, thanks for the rescue gentlemen!

Session 1.02

Neal looks at Neon Pearl blankly and replies, matter-of-factly, “You’re a member of our crew.”

Session 1.02

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