Emerald Rain

Session 1.04

Project Maple

Sarah, dressed in her finest club attire, headed over to Platinimium on Friday night to meet Wayne. After hacking the club’s VIP list, Kelly, Kato and NeonPerl came along separately as backup, while Neal and Lisa posted up in a car out back behind the club. Wayne seemed to attract no shortage of fine women and Sarah was not at all out of place amid the driving bass and flashing lights of the dance floor; over the course of the evening, she was able to glean from her mark that his relationship with Mr. Volen seemed more than just professional. At one point Wayne was approached by Jase, a senior “greenface” hacker employed by the Emerald Company, and shortly afterward NeonPerl was able to impress him with her obvious technical expertise into an invite for her and Kato to their group’s private area. While mingling, the two overheard some of the hackers discussing a rumor that NeonPerl had recently been found by the Wo Shing Wo. Kelly meanwhile hired a professional escort to keep xie company while they retired to a separate private balcony in order to maintain overwatch on the scene.

Wayne then received a message and informed his companions that he’d be leaving. As Sarah and Kato made their exit behind him, NeonPerl observed Jase paying especially close attention to Sarah. Wayne entered a cab and Sarah and Kato hired another to follow him, while NeonPerl slipped into Neal’s car out back and hacked Wayne’s ISP, allowing the group to track him to the upscale First Hill Hotel. Kato discreetly followed Wayne into the elevator and watched him enter Room 506, and NeonPerl was able to determine that the room had been booked by Volen. After Kelly caught up with the team, he secured Room 508 next door, then raced back to Sarah’s apartment to grab her spy kit and run it back to the hotel. Our ninja performed an acrobatic leap over to the balcony of 506 hoping to secretly observe the occupants, but the clattering of the railing alerted Wayne, and Kato was forced to nimbly jump back to the adjoining balcony and pretend to be merely taking the air. Ultimately Kelly and Neal were able to bore a hole into the wall and insert a fiber optic device, and to no one’s surprise, we recorded a secret tryst between Wayne and Volen.

The next day, Kelly and Kato, disguised as takeout delivery men, arrived at Wayne’s condo and banged loudly on the door claiming to be dropping off an order. After he opened the door in confusion, the pair barged in and then presented Wayne with a short clip of what had transpired the night before. In feigned broken English, Kelly convinced Wayne that they were with the Wo Shing Wo and demanded an exorbitant fee for their silence; when he balked, they then intimidated Wayne into securing access to Redwood Holding’s offices on the 17th floor of Wake Tower. Keeping him under close observation, we followed our mark to the Emerald Company’s HQ campus, where Sarah was waiting for him. Through tearful sobs she told Wayne that some Asian men had attempted to coerce her as well, and Wayne promised he’d do what he could to help.

On Sunday, Kelly and Kato secured an access card from Wayne, who begged the pair to tell their boss not to harm Sarah. NeonPerl then slipped back into Redwood Holdings’ systems and entered a fake work order for a Blue Mountain cleaning crew that night. Our next stop that evening was the cleaning company where, after disabling their electronic security and inserting a corroborating work order from Redwood Holdings, we borrowed a van, some cleaning equipment and uniforms.

The moment of truth was at hand. Around 1:00 AM, the team rolled up to Wake Tower in the cleaning van and entered the parking garage. Taking the freight elevator up to the 17th floor, we were greeted by three guards, one of whom sported a pair of nunchaku in his belt. Despite their suspicions about such a large cleaning crew, they allowed us to enter and we fanned out. NeonPerl, Neal and Lisa ultimately made their way back toward the lab and test subject area, convinced the scientists to evacuate and in short order located the server room. Our hacker set the SQUID in place, donned her chameleon cloak and then got to work. NeonPerl had nearly finished the download process when her intrusion was discovered by an automated analyze program, and then all hell broke loose.

Amid blaring alarms, security came pouring out of their quarters where several of our team members were waiting for them. Kato wrapped his kusarigama around one guard, then deftly deflected a nunchuck strike from the leader and started going to work with his mono-edged ninja-to. Sarah was confronted by a female guard brandishing a pair of monowire whips, and after suffering an initial slash, she was able to close with her foe long enough to allow Kelly to engage with his PDW and the pair worked in tandem to put her down. Meanwhile, while jacked into cyberspace NeonPerl barely resisted a trap intended to stun her, and then her avatar was confronted inside the virtual server by a rival hacker. Countering his attempts to crack her ICE, she responded with a brutally effective breach of her own and then sent back a feedback loop to fry his soft pink brain, causing the hacker to recoil in pain and jack out. She snapped back to reality in time to assist Neal and Lisa in repelling an incursion into the server room by an additional pair of guards, and then discovered that she’d completed the necessary downloads just as the remaining guards received orders to stand down and await reinforcements.

How will we escape? Did we get the data we need? Take +3 character points and find out next time!


Straight down the freight elevator, guns blazing? Or out a window with zip lines? Reload that gun and let’s go!

Session 1.04

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