Willow Ren, aka NeonPerl

Petite, attractive half-Asian woman with striking silvery-purple hair


Willow Ren, known only as NeonPerl to most, is an attractive half-Asian woman standing at 5’4" and weighing about 110 lbs. Most of her body has been covered with switchable smart tattoos of intricate geometric and tribal patterns, which she uses to accentuate her figure and accessorize her outfits as the mood strikes her. She often sports heavy black combat boots, and her set of reflex armor is disguised as tight-fitting pants, shimmering silky sweater and an edgy-looking tight jacket with metal studs. She also owns a high-tech chameleon cloak, which she normally disguises as an innocuous rain poncho when out in public. Even at night she almost never removes her fashionable dark shades, owing to their powerful night vision filter. Her striking purple hair is a point of pride for Ren – she finds that it accentuates her attractiveness and draws more than a few interested glances from men and women alike.


Willow Ren is a Seattle native with an innate talent for computer programming and possessed of a certain moral and ethical flexibility. At a young age she took an interest in hacking, and as a teenager she and several like-minded friends would play pranks on businesses and government branches by modifying their public omniweb portals, altering their employees’ official business avatars to embarrassing effect and similar mischief. After targeting an innocuous-looking business that was secretly a money laundering front for a crime syndicate based out of Hong Kong, she was approached on the omniweb by a pair of sinister-looking avatars; however, rather than threats or coercion, to her surprise she was offered the opportunity to move up to the big leagues and join the organization as a netrunner.

After flying her to Hong Kong, the syndicate provided her with an alternate identity and paid for her neural interface, implanted computer and cherried-out cyberdeck. Over time she created a number of original programs to assist her hacking efforts, and Willow initially found she enjoyed the thrill and sense of power that came with cracking black ICE and ghosting anonymously through the omniweb. However, as her skills grew, her handlers kept pushing her into riskier and riskier runs, at one point almost leading to her death after flatlining while trying to infiltrate a rival syndicate’s financial systems. Realizing that she was ultimately disposable to the organization, Willow formed a plot to execute a daring total-system shutdown on the syndicate and took advantage of the confusion to escape.

Ren eventually returned to Seattle and now does everything she can to stay off the syndicate’s radar. She currently operates as a console cowboy for hire under her omniweb pseudonym NeonPerl, using her formidable programming skills to keep her real identity a secret. After a few impressive runs, NeonPerl is beginning to create a solid reputation among other deckers, respected as a fastidious, discreet and careful professional who can be relied on to get the job done. While she’ll take most paying jobs that pose some kind of challenge, she’s now hoping for the chance to take down a big score and earn enough to upgrade to the coveted S-Deck Extreme; above all, she wants to take her skills to the next level.

Willow Ren, aka NeonPerl

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