Sarah Elizabeth Holden

Beautiful, lithe with a silver tongue. freelance spy


age 28, DOB 11-05-2007, height: 5’ 7", 128lbs, green eyes, brown hair.

It’s hard to nail Sarah’s description down. She changes it too often. She fits in everywhere and can look the part with 15 minutes, her disguise kit, and a little info about where she’s going. In a pinch, she can always be the lost confused corporate analyst. It’s almost like she has experience in that role…


Sarah’s new to the freelance scene, only having been operating for a couple years. She made a few mistakes in the beginning but is starting to hit her stride.

Sarah used to work for one of the Big Corps, but she had “creative differences” with some of her bosses interpretation of her job description. (That is NOT what duties as assigned means!)

Sarah suffers from severe allergies that require a monthly treatment (she calls it THE SHOT because the needles big and she hates it). She has found a nice underground doc that takes care of her medical needs now that she has left the safety of Corp controlled insurance.

Sarah is adept at stealth, security, and most importantly… people. She can become who she needs to from infiltrating a local gang to rubbing elbows with with high-society socialites. She prefers not taking innocent life, but has no qualms about taking out corporate goons with more armor than brains.

Sarah Elizabeth Holden

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