Neal MacCully

Professional, both in appearance & demeanor.


Neal is of average build, standing 5’11 tall and weighing in at 160 pounds. He is 30 years old, and has been a career thief for the last 15 years of that. He is somewhat attractive and typically seen in a clean-cut business suit, not overly expensive but neither is it cheap; in casual situations the tie is dispensed with and the top shirt button is loosed. Out of doors he almost always wears his sunglasses; most people in the know will recognize them as Night Shades. Crew members will know that his clothing is disguised armor, and that he also sports a concealed vest underneath as well (DR 8 all over, then DR 24 for the torso). Crew members will also know that he carries the following weapons, usually hidden about his person via Holdout: a .40 pistol with APDS ammo; a Gyroc pistol with varying ammo for heavy situations; a telescoping Stun Baton; a small knife with monowire edge; and a stun grenade. When the job calls for it, he prefers to sport an M4 assault carbine on a Giles sling firing APDS ammo.


Neal can seem stand-offish when people first meet him, but it soon becomes apparent that he is simply evaluating you to determine whether you are a professional like him or not. If the latter, you’ll likely never see him again — or wish you hadn’t, if you wrong him. If you get to know him better it may come out that he is probably guilty of several heists over the years, one of which early in his career earned him a three-year stint at Folsom State Prison in California, D block when he was age 20. That was the turning point for him: not to never do crime again, but to better himself to the point that he’s determined to never get caught again. Indeed, one of his recurring quips is “I am NEVER going back.”

Neal has a good reputation as a professional among the larcenous underworld, and prefers to only deal with operators of the same stripe (regardless of color, creed, or lifestyle). He has developed a number of Contacts in order to assist him with planning & execution of his heists. He is proficient in defeating both physical and electronic security systems, though he seems to have never taken an interest in anything more to do with computers other than to use them as a convenient research tool. While not a hard core mercenary, he can hold his own in a fist- or firefight though he considers it a disappointment if the score degenerates into violence. As he mentioned to a cop who got too close to his criminal activities once, “Do you see me holding up liquor stores wearing a wife-beater and sporting a ‘Born To Lose’ tattoo?…no, you do not.”

Neal lives by a loose thieves’ code of honor, and will even put himself in danger to help a good friend or member of his crew if things go south on a job. But his favorite job is always the next one — whatever it may be, as long as it pays well — because he’s still looking for that one big score so he can retire, whatever that will mean someday.

Neal MacCully

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