Hideo Sato

Street Samurai, all natural (for now...)


Japanese male, 25 years old, 5’10, 150 lbs., short black hair. Appears to be wearing nondescript clothing, including a hoodie jacket, and sometimes a light trench coat when his katana needs to be out of sight. Other times his sword is either slung across his back or at his hip in a traditional samurai way along with his tanto knife. Two smaller knives seem to be strapped to his legs as well. His cross-body shoulder satchel contains his daily basics plus some extra gear…


Hideo Sato was born into a traditional Japanese home in Seattle, though his family life was upended by age 12 and he had to learn how to survive on the street then. By age 14 a gang discovered his potential as a fighter and he was ‘recruited’.

Through the gang he was shuffled around to various patrons who forced him into unlicensed, underground gladiator fighting — where he quickly excelled. At 15 he started ‘working’ for one specific owner who then put him through specialized training with a sketchy Martial Arts master who had gambling debts to the owner. Two years later he emerged highly proficient in both Karate and Katana, and went on to earn his owner many times the investment he made in Hideo.

Over the next several years Hideo slowly started to reinvigorate his interest in his native culture, and he began to see himself as a kind of street samurai…just one who was in thrall to a less than honorable crime boss, which slowly began to run counter to Hideo’s growing identification with the ancient ways of Bushido. Luckily his owner’s appreciation of Hideo’s talents & beliefs made him look favorably on Hideo, and at age 24 he was released from service with his own specialized personal Katana — though with no ties to the boss thereafter.

For the last year Hideo has been surviving on the street as best he can, taking jobs as they come as a mercenary swordsman, club bouncer, bodyguard, Kendo assistant instructor, whatever work his limited social skills have garnered for him. He is trying to save enough money to conduct a search for a more honorable Martial Arts master to study with in order to increase his esoteric abilities.

Hideo Sato

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