Emerald Rain

Session 0.1

Betrayal and Oportunity

The evening began simply enough, with a drink between colleagues. Sugita and Karl were enjoying beers at at Shorty’s in Helltown. It was disrupted by an emergency favor called in by Dr. Stein, Sugita’s street doc, cybernetics specialist. Dr. Stein believed that he had been betrayed by his assistant, Gregor. Gregor was supposed to do a routine pick up from his main source of medical supplies and something had gone wrong. The source was a contact at the Megacorp, Bio X, who placed the meds on an undocumented delivery van transporting classified materials. When Gregor failed to report back, Stein sent scouts to the pick up site who found evidence that the van has been attacked, including the dead bodies of the Bio X driver and guards. Both Gregor and the whole van were missing.

However, Dr. Stein, never one to be too trusting, had secretly implanted a GPS locator in Gregor while doing maintenance on his chip slot. It revealed the location of Gregor to be in The Spike, one of many buildings in Helltown now inhabited by criminal kingpins and warlords. Stein had no idea what else may have been on that van, but given that it was a secret shipment by one of the worlds most cutting edge pharmaceutical companies, it would be worth going after the whole thing and not just getting the the meds. That’s what Sugita and Karl were sent to do.

With the aid of a Netrunner who goes by the handle, numLok, the two mercenaries infiltrate the Spike and determine the location of the stolen van. Camera records showed the van being driven to the bottom level of the building’s underground parking garage, a section which was being used as a chop shop run by a man named Tarnish. As they near the prize, Gregor is shot dead with a bullet to the forehead, and there is a fight between Sugita and Karl and the van thieves. They were Goyas, a particularly violent gang into extreme body modifications and cybernetic weaponry. The duo is defeated the Goyas, killing two and taking one prisoner. The contents of the van had been already transferred to a different delivery truck. It turned out that the shop chop was hosting the operation only intending to get the high-end corporate van out of the deal. Sugita and Karl, let them keep the van and the drove away with the delivery truck with the as of yet to be identified contents from Bio X.



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