Lisa Lau

Attractive, 6'0", dyed black hair, latest goth fashioned with lab coat


Move:6, DR:36/8 [torso], HitPoints: 11, Will:13, Dodge:9

Machine Pistol with APEP ammo @ HUD Link, Tangler Pistol, Heavy Laser Flashlight,

SFQ Knife left boot, Mono edge Knife right boot, bracelets loaded with Counter-Tangler spray,
custom assembled doctor satchel.
HUD Sight [plus 1 Acc] & Tiny Computer with Targeting program [plus 1 skill] in
Goggles with Shades option.


LisaL.jpgRaised in a Mandrin speaking household,
currently works part time for Doc Wagon – on call for Copper Plan clients.

Also a sales rep for Red Dot Electronics & Cyberware. (A front for her [-5 Secret] business.)

-Minor Addiction to caffeine

-Collects plushy toy animals

-Dresses in Goth Fashion constantly

-Likes dogs

-Prefers women

Lisa Lau

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