"Akatombo" (Red Dragonfly)

Androgynous, Non-descript, dark hair: short, variable eyes, 180 cm 65 kg




Perhaps you have heard rumors of Akatombo, or maybe you (think) you know me as Yamaha Kelly. No one really knows me at all. No One. Xe can be hired for certain services, for which xe has a particular set of skills and abilities that are both very rare, and valuable. Xe doesn’t have much need for money, nor material items, so xe doesn’t have to take most jobs. Xe does have a few lingering obligations…

Xe has no friends, and only occasional associates. But xe can be rented, for the right considerations.

Xyrs is the Shot You Will Not Hear, From the Place You Will Not See.


"Akatombo" (Red Dragonfly)

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